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Ethical Innovation for a Sustainable Future

Welcome to MAVIE Jewelry: Where Sustainability and Beauty Align

At MAVIE Jewelry, we embody a purpose-driven ethos, driven by our commitment to revolutionize the diamond industry through the power of technology. Our mission is clear: to create a future where sustainability and beauty coexist harmoniously, without compromise.

Our jewelry is crafted with a conscientious approach, recognizing the importance of social and ethical behavior, as well as environmental stewardship. Unlike earth-mined diamonds, which require extensive land disturbance for just one carat, we've harnessed innovative processes that leave no footprint on the soil. We take pride in the fact that not a single inch of land is disrupted in our jewelry-making journey.

At the heart of our operations, we prioritize the well-being of both our planet and our workforce. While the earth-mined diamond industry reports an alarming injury rate of one out of every 1,000 workers, we are proud to state that our lab-created diamond operations maintain a flawless record of zero injuries. Our commitment to the highest standards of safety and employee welfare is unwavering.

MAVIE Jewelry conducts thorough audits in full compliance with the rigorous SMETA standards. These audits encompass labor standards, health and safety measures, environmental assessments, and business ethics. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest level of social responsibility, ensuring that our practices align with our core values.


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